Dr. Siddhartha Kumar Biswas is a leading senior neurologist in Kolkata, India, having more than thirty-five years of practice and a proven track record of successful patient recuperation. He did his MD (Medicine) under the legendary Prof.(Dr.) B.S. Chaubey, and DM (Neurology) under the living legend Prof.(Dr.) B.S. Singhal in Mumbai. He is a senior visiting neurologist at Belle Vue Clinic, which is one of Kolkata's oldest and premier multi-speciality medical care institution. He had also been a visiting consultant neurologist in other prominent medical institutions in Kolkata including Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), Institute of Neurosciences (INK), Apollo Gleneagles Hospital (AGH), Institute of Child Health (ICH), Vishudhand Hospital etc. Committed to patient health and care, Dr. Biswas started his own Neurology Clinic in 1991 providing Neurology Consultations with prior appointment, EEG, EMG/NCV/Evoked Potential facilities & full-fledged Pathological laboratory. The clinic has state-of-the-art infrastructure run by professional, sensitive and friendly staff.

Dr. Biswas is also an innovator and inventor. He invented the biopsy needle for Liver and Kidney Biopsy and is the patent holder for this invention from Govt of India. He has always been an integral part of the continuously evolving field of medical science. As a renowned doctor, he has also successfully treated many undiagnosed and returned cases of other distinguished neurological institutions around the country.


Fees structure: (1) Online Consultation via Website (biswasneuro.com): ₹2500. (2) Video consultation via WhatsApp Video: ₹3000. (3) Chamber consultation (with appointment): ₹3500. (4) Reporting at Chamber: ₹1000. (5) Emergency chamber consultation (without appointment): ₹4500.


Chamber at 201, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700029, is open from 1st July 2020, with prior appointment at 24665403 or 24663621. Only max 8 patients will be seen daily (All with prior appointment).


BROADBAND Internet connection is a must for successful submission of 'ONLINE CONSULTATION FORM' via Laptop or Desktop computer (Not by Mobile Phone). Mobile HOTSPOT is NOT BROADBAND Internet, even if it is 4G. Hence please don't use HOTSPOT to submit the 'Form'.

About Dr. S.K. Biswas


  • Gold Medalist M.B.B.S (1977) - Nagpur University (Govt. Medical College)
  • 4th rank in M.D. (Medicine)(1982) - Nagpur University (Govt. Medical College)
  • 1st rank in D.M. (Neurology)(1985) - Bombay University (Grant Medical College)

During his Neurology training he worked in various renowned hospital in Bombay like - J.J.Hospital, Bombay Hospital & Nanavati Hospital.

During his Neurology training, he worked in various renowned hospital in Bombay like - J.J.Hospital, Bombay Hospital & Nanavati Hospital.

After completing his education & complete neurological training, Dr. Biswas joined Belle Vue Clinic as the Chief Consultant Neurologist in 1986. In 1988, he became the Associate Professor of Neurology in the Institute of Child Health. Thereafter he joined two of Kolkata's premier healthcare institutes as consultant neurologist - The Calcutta Medical Research institute in 1990 and the Duncan Gleneagles Hospital in 1997(which later became the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital since 2002) till 2007. He had also been attached to the Institute of Neurosciences in 2009.
Choosing to focus on his own Neurology clinic, which he started in 1991, Dr. Biswas chose to be a visiting neurologist of Belle Vue Clinic since 2005.
Passionate about the continuously evolving field of medical science, Dr. Biswas has also been publishing new research papers in diverse national and international authoritative medical science magazines.

Consult with Dr. S. K. Biswas

  1. Click the "Online Consultation" button below.
  2. Fill out the "Online Consultation Form".
  3. Pay a per-consultation fee of ₹2500. (For additional Video Consultation (15 min): additional Fee of ₹2500)
    • Reporting costs ₹1000 within 10 Days post response.
    • One query within 3 Days post response.
  4. Receive Dr. S. K. Biswas' response within 4-6 Hours.
    • Diagnosis of the case
    • Investigations if necessary
    • Treatment advice (i.e. the medicines to be taken by the patient)
    • Prescription for the patient (not valid for medico-legal purpose)


Like: Epilepsy, Headache, Migraine, Pain, Paralysis, Brain Stroke, Imbalance, Coma, Memory Loss, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Brain Tumors, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, Myasthenia, Myopathy, Parkinsonism Etc.

Facilities :

Neurology Consultation
EMG / NCV / Decrement Studies / F wave / H reflex studies
Evoked Potential Studies: VEP, BAER, SSEP
Pathology, Biochemistry & Microbiology

Dr. Biswas has been practicing as a Consultant Neurology in city of Kolkata for last 35 years.